06Jun 2014

If You Are Pulled Over On Suspicion Of DUI - Don't Blow It!

First of all, never drink and drive! It is against the law, and for good reason. However, being pulled over on suspicion of DUI is every social drinker's worst nightmare. You've had a few, maybe a few too many but you weren't disciplined this night and you really aren't sure. Then it happens. Your tail light goes out. You are unaware it has gone out....

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29May 2014

Renters, Get Interested In Interest!

If you rent in Burlington, and your lease is about to end, remember that you are entitled to interest on your security deposit. The City of Burlington protects renters by requiring landlords to keep security deposits in an interest-bearing account - not in their pockets. If you believe that your security deposit has not been given the protection of being deposited in an interest-bearing account,...

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