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30Jun 2014

But It's My Medication, Officer!

It can happen. Your tail light is out and you get pulled over. Last week you had a sports injury. You are on a pain killer for a pulled muscle. You end up in handcuffs. Yes, it is entirely possible that you can be arrested for DUI for taking a prescribed medication. Police officers and prosecutors want to make sure, for the safety of all...

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13Jun 2014

DUI - Fight For Your Right... To Drive!

When you are charged with a DUI you not only charged with a criminal violation, but also a civil violation. The criminal violation brings with it punishment such as fines and jail time. The civil violation brings with it the loss of your license through a license suspension. If you are charged with a DUI you will receive a criminal citation with an arraignment date....

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06Jun 2014

If You Are Pulled Over On Suspicion Of DUI - Don't Blow It!

First of all, never drink and drive! It is against the law, and for good reason. However, being pulled over on suspicion of DUI is every social drinker's worst nightmare. You've had a few, maybe a few too many but you weren't disciplined this night and you really aren't sure. Then it happens. Your tail light goes out. You are unaware it has gone out....

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