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13Jan 2021

Burden Of Proof In Breathalyzer Test Refusal

An interesting appeal happened recently in New Jersey, regarding the burden of proof needed to enforce a suspect to complete a breathalyzer test on suspicion of DUI. A woman had hit the side of a car stopped at a stop light. The responding officer notices that her speech was slurred and her eyes were glassy. She was unable to complete field sobriety tests and refused to take a breathalyzer. She...

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05Jan 2021

Innovation In Trial Readiness

The best way for a criminal defense attorney to serve their client is to be prepared for trial. Prosecutors are very often overloaded with cases and they have to pick and choose which ones they really want to prepare for. They are also not obligated to prosecute misdemeanor charges in most of the country. This gives the defendant that has hired their own personal attorney an advantage. Your personal attorney...

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