Domestic Assault and Spousal Violence Charges

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It is important to have a lawyer who can fight domestic assault and spousal violence offenses aggressively and that lawyer is C. Jordan Handy.

  • A Serious Offense

    Domestic assaults are a serious offense, and if not handled properly can lead to serious fines, jail time, and tarnished record.

    When you need to limit your exposure, and keep your name in good standing, you need C. Jordan Handy. C. Jordan Handy is a premier domestic assault attorney, dedicated to your case. Fighting a domestic assault charge means you need someone who can go the distance and then some. You need an attorney capable of fighting numerous attacks from the State, while at the same time building a fortified defense to withstand the most driven prosecutor.

  • Long-Term Effects

    Domestic assault and spousal violence are serious issues. The results can be catastrophic and can have long-term effect on your future.

    Whether or not the charge resulted from a serious threat, or even if the evidence of a domestic assault is tenuous, prosecutors rarely drop charges. You need an experienced and dedicated domestic assault lawyer, who can help guide you through the complex process. C. Jordan Handy will fight for you and your case from the very start when charges are brought, working hard till you get the desired outcome.