05Apr 2019

DUI Fines Could Increase Dramatically

As states look for ways to fund their programs, and as social attitudes continue to sour further on those who commit DUIs, some states are looking to drastically increase their fines and court costs for DUI. A prime example would be Mississippi, which is considering doubling its fines for DUI.

The reason for the proposed increase would be to fund trauma centers in the state since accidents involving impaired drivers account for a very large number of patients at trauma centers. Note that this is one more way you could pay if you commit a DUI!

Of course, our lawmakers should be careful in selecting their funding sources. If you increase fines on DUI convictions, then you not only punish those who commit DUIs further, but you also establish them as a source of revenue, which means you basically count on them always being there, and potentially increasing. Using DUI convictions as a way to increase revenue is probably not a great idea of states, especially since DUIs cause so much heartache, loss, and pain. However, it is certainly understandable to want to punish those who drive impaired and put themselves and others at risk.

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