16Oct 2018

New Jersey Considering Ignition Lock For All DUI Convictions

The state of New Jersey is considering an update to their DUI law, which would
require anyone convicted of a DUI to have an ignition lock 
installed on their vehicle. Currently, only those convicted with a blood 
alcohol content of .15 or higher have to use the device. An ignition 
lock is a device that the driver must blow into before they can start 
the car. If there is an illegal amount of alcohol present, the car will 
not start.

What New Jersey wants to do is to make the device required for all who 
have been convicted of DUI and the time of use will be based on how much 
alcohol the defendant had in their system. On the "plus" side, 
suspension times will be lowered as the ignition lock is a very well 
proved device for ensuring that drivers are compliant with driving 

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