28Jan 2019

Your Car Comes Standard With A Breathalyzer?

Currently, about the only people who have a breathalyzer installed on their
vehicle are those who are on probation for a DUI offense. However, 
the technology exists today that even those who have never had a drink 
in their life may be tested by their cars. The way this will happen is 
through a federally funded program called the Driver Alcohol Detection 
System for Safety (DADSS).

This program began testing recently in Virginia. There is a detector on 
the dashboard which looks like an air vent. It is positioned in such a 
way that the driver's normal breathing will be picked up by the sensor. 
If the blood alcohol limit detected exceeds the legal limit, the car 
will start but will not be able to be put into gear. This will allow USB 
ports to provide power so that the driver can use their phone to call a cab.

Nissan has developed a different way of determining driver alcohol 
intoxication. It has developed a sensor in the gear shift which measures 
blood alcohol content through the perspiration on the driver's hand.

Of course, self-driving cars open a whole new set of questions. If the 
car itself is driving, does its human "driver" still need to be sober? 
Stay tuned, that's not decided yet! If you live in Burlington, Essex, 
Colchester, Winooski, Williston, Shelburne or anywhere in the State of 
Vermont, and have been arrested or charged with DUI or any crime, call 
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