16May 2018

What Have People Learned Who Have Had DUI's?

A woman who is a professional blogger was arrested on a DUI charge after having three glasses of wine - and waiting two and half hours to get behind the wheel. Not believing she could be such a lightweight, she was very surprised when she made a driving mistake, was pulled over by an officer and found to have a BAC of .12, well over the legal limit. When asked what she would do in the future, she responded: “If I’m going to drink at all, just don’t plan on driving. Or don’t drink.”

Another woman who was a bright pre-med student was at a Fourth of July party and had a few, but felt she was ok to drive. She got behind the wheel and ended up in a crash that put her in the trauma unit with a blood alcohol level of .162. She was unable to perform basic math immediately after her injuries. Fortunately, nobody else was hurt but her medical career is now in question. What does she have to say? “I thought I was okay to get behind a wheel…I was not.”

On an air force base a Major had the unenviable task of informing some of his subordinates that, due to their recent DUI convictions, they were all being demoted. The men then decided to determine how much each beer had cost them in lost earnings. One of the officers, after determining how much it had cost him, stated:  “I can’t think of any brand of beer I’d pay $1,300 for.”

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