25May 2021

Should It Be A Law For You To Be Notified Of Fines/Penalties For Repeat DUI Charges?

In New Jersey, a defendant argued, upon being charged with a third DUI, 
that their second DUI conviction should be vacated on the grounds that 
they were not advised as to the harshness of fines and penalties for 
those convicted of a third DUI offense.

The court determined that failure to provide defendants with notice of 
future DWI violation penalties, as required by the law, does not prevent 
a court from imposing enhanced penalties for future DWI convictions. 
Ultimately, the court found that even if the defendant was not properly 
advised of the penalties of a third DWI offense at the time of his previous sentencing, he could not avoid the penalties for his future crimes.

Do you believe all states should have such a law? An interesting and 
thought-provoking question.

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