11Dec 2018

Scooter Rental A Good Idea?

So, let's say you are at a bar with some friends and you know you have had
perhaps more than one too many and are definitely not OK to drive. 
You think about calling a cab or Uber but you remember that there is a 
scooter rental place just down the street. You sit back, relax again 
with your friends and order another drink. You will just rent a scooter 
and scoot on home after the festivities.

Given the recent conviction of a man operating a scooter drunk, it makes 
us step back and ask ourselves, what exactly is a vehicle under the eyes 
of the law?

In California, for example, a vehicle is defined and something that is 
motorized, or self-propelled be something that is not human. So, yes, 
you guessed it, riding a horse drunk om a public thoroughfare is a crime 
in California!

Think twice before you operate anything under the influence. It's not 
just vehicles. You could hurt yourself trying to work on your car, too! 
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