08Dec 2017

Is My Pill Box Paraphernalia?

With the abuse of prescription drugs on the rise, particularly painkillers, police are becoming increasingly suspicious of individuals who have pills in their possession. Let's say you have a regimen of prescription drugs for diabetes, blood pressure and, perhaps even, chronic pain. You decide to put these into a seven-day pill box to remind you of when and what to take. This is a fine idea when you are at home but may not be such a good idea on the road.

Many states actually require that you keep your controlled, or prescription drugs, in their original containers labeled with the prescription. Of course, if you can prove that you have a prescription for a certain drug you are in no position of being accused of having a substance illegally. However, having your pills discovered in a pillbox during a routine traffic stop may violate certain state laws and may cause you undue problems resolving the legitimacy of their possession.

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