05Aug 2014

Had A Few, Sitting In Your Car In A Parking Lot - Cop Taps Your Window!

A very interesting decision was upheld by the Wisconsin Supreme Court in the case of an individual who had had a few drinks and was sitting in his car in the parking lot of an establishment. He noticed a patrol car in his rear view mirror, with its headlights on pull up and park near him. The officer got out of the car, walked up to his driver's window and tapped on the glass. The man inside, not wanting to answer questions, put his car in gear and drove away. Is this going to get you in trouble? According to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, it won't! Simply sitting in a car was not determined to be probable cause to stop someone. Any reasonable person would have the right to not speak with an officer should they choose not to do so. Therefore, driving away in that instance would be perfectly legal. Always remember, under no circumstances should you give any information to the police other than your identity. If you are questioned by any member of any law enforcement organization, invoke your right to counsel!