13Feb 2020

Domestic Violence And The World

There are many sources of information about domestic abuse around the 
world. Depending on which one you consult, anywhere from 35 to 70 
percent of women worldwide will be a victim of domestic violence at some 
point in their lives. Fortunately, the United States has some of the 
strongest domestic violence laws on the books of any nation in the 
world. Even so, a disturbing 20 people become domestic violence victims 
every minute in America.

However, one may ask the question "What about the rest of the world?" 
Unfortunately, there are about 600 million women worldwide that live in 
countries without any domestic violence legislation or protection. Human 
rights groups and activists are working hard to change this and an 
an increasing number are now passing or have recently passed laws to 
to protect individuals from domestic violence.

In 2003 only 45 nations had passed domestic violence legislation. As of 
2011 that number has climbed to 125 countries. Overall, people are 
seeing a worldwide trend to protect individuals in their homes and let 
abusive partners know that kind of behavior will not be tolerated. If 
you have been charged with a domestic assault or any crime and you live 
in Burlington, Essex, Colchester, Winooski, Williston, Shelburne or 
anywhere in the state of Vermont, call Handy Law for aggressive and 
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