26Apr 2017

What's Worse? Distracted Driving or Drunk Driving?

Our society is increasingly intolerant of drunk driving and driving under the influence of pretty much any substance. This is good as drunk driving can lead to tremendous property damage and even loss of life. However, it is interesting that society does not have the same vigilant intolerance for distracted driving. In particular, using one's cell phone while driving.

A recent study by Cambridge Mobile Telematics has concluded that distracted driving from the use of cell phones is indeed as dangerous as drunk driving or driving under the influence of substances. Drunk driving accounts for nearly a third of all traffic-related deaths and cell phones are increasingly taking their share of the remaining to thirds.

So, don't drink and drive - and don't use your cell phone and drive. If you are not aware, it is currently illegal in Vermont and many other states to use your cell phone or handheld device while driving.