14Oct 2016

What is a BUI?

Seafaring navigators should be aware that when they are navigating that holiday boat ride, they need to take it easy on the brewskis! Just like on the road, being intoxicated while operating a boat will earn you a BUI or Boating While Intoxicated - and the penalties are just as serious and severe. This is a needed law as recent examples show. In Grand Island, New York, recently, a boater was detained by the local sheriff's nautical unit because of bad equipment on the boater's rig. When the boater showed signs of intoxication, he was taken in and, indeed, had a BAC twice the legal limit. He, of course, was charged with DUI. In Alaska, a fishing boat ran into another boat while docking. Sure enough, the navigator was intoxicated and was charged with DUI. The individual also faced significant civil damages as a result of his reckless behavior, damaging several boats. Remember, never operate a vehicle if you are under the influence of any substance.