14Jan 2020

What Should I Do If I Am Cyberbullied?

Cyberbullying is a crime that is on the rise in this Internet age. And 
yes, it is a crime! Nobody has the right to harass, threaten or stalk 
someone. Not on the streets and not online. However, some people seem to 
think that this behavior is covered by Freedom of Speech. It is not. So 
you know, any unwanted contact that is repetitive and unwanted can be 
considered cyberbullying.

The first thing you should do if you believe you have been cyberbullied 
is to save the texts. You can do this by either printing them out, 
taking a picture of them or contacting your service provider for a 
printout of the texts. It is best for you to print them out in some way 
so that investigators have less of a need of your phone.

You should also not reply to any cyberbullying, as that may escalate 
tensions and possibly result in violence or attempted violence against 
you. And, of course, if you feel threatened in any way, contact your 
local police department and file a report. Get in touch with a criminal 
lawyer who can help you determine an appropriate course of action. If 
you live in Burlington, Essex, Colchester, Winooski, Williston, 
Shelburne or anywhere in the The state of Vermont, and have been 
arrested or charged with DUI or any crime, call Handy Law for aggressive 
and experienced legal defense.