19Nov 2014

What Questions Should I Ask When I Choose My DUI Lawyer?

What should you be asking an attorney when you are looking for a DUI lawyer? There are a few questions that you should keep in mind. Perhaps the most important one to ask is if the attorney specializes in DUI law. DUI law is very complex and you need an attorney that knows this area of the law inside and out and practices it on a regular basis. Another question you should ask is about the experience the lawyer has in DUI representation. You need a lawyer that has courtroom experience and knows how the local courts work. Also, you should ask about the attorney's success rate. Ask questions such as what percentage of their cases are resolved favorably for their clients, or what percent were found not guilty. You may also want to know how many cases the lawyer currently has. If the lawyer keeps a relatively low caseload you are more likely to have an attorney that will focus on your case and care more about your result. Lastly, you want to know your lawyer's fees so you will have an idea about cost. This way you won't waste both your and your attorney's time if you cannot afford to hire him or her.