21Jul 2020

The Interesting Case Of Push Button Cars And DUI

Everybody knows that if you are under the influence, know you should not 
drive under the influence and want to "sleep it off" in your car, you 
need to make absolutely sure that your keys are not in the ignition. 
However, cars that have a push-button ignition have created some 
problems for drivers around the country.

There are some states where police and prosecutors are trying to make 
that case that if you have your keys in your pocket, it is the same as 
having your keys in the ignition as the car's computer "searches" for 
the key to allow operation of the vehicle. This is a very subtle and 
interesting point of law.

It is certain we will be seeing cases where defense lawyers state that 
only if the car's motor is actively engaged, i.e., the ignition button 
has been pushed and activated, is the car actually in operation. 
Prosecutors and police may come back and say that putting the key in the car is the first step, much like putting the key in the ignition is the first step to turning on a traditional key operated car. We await the courts' rulings.

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