30Sep 2019

The Elderly And Domestic Violence

Whenever we hear the term Domestic Violence, we almost always conjure up images
of spousal abuse. Especially that of a husband beating his wife 
or significant other. We often relegate it to the realm of the 
uneducated or the uncivilized or the addicted. However, elderly people 
are quite often the object of domestic violence and it can be from 
highly educated people and not seem violent at all.

The two forms of domestic violence that is perpetrated against the 
elderly and don't seem violent at all are neglect and financial abuse. 
Very often the elderly are left unattended or poorly attended as caring 
for them can be exhausting and seemingly unending. It is also quite 
frequently that the elderly are not as sharp as they once were and 
relatives, as well as caretakers, take the financial assets of an elderly 

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