29May 2014

Renters, Get Interested In Interest!

If you rent in Burlington, and your lease is about to end, remember that you are entitled to interest on your security deposit. The City of Burlington protects renters by requiring landlords to keep security deposits in an interest-bearing account - not in their pockets. If you believe that your security deposit has not been given the protection of being deposited in an interest-bearing account, give us a call for a free consultation about the options available to you. Also, make sure you do a walk-through with your landlord when you are ready to leave your unit. You want to make sure that you and the landlord are on the same page when it comes to the condition in which you are leaving your former home. Any damage by previous tenants should have been noted in a statement when you began your lease. Call us if you believe that you may be charged for property damage which you did not do, or if you believe you are being charged for normal wear and tear. Any time you have a question about your rights as a tenant, or are concerned about the status of your security deposit (remember, that's YOUR money!) give us a call. We are here to assess your situation and provide the advice and assistance you need to make sure you are treated justly and fairly!