14Sep 2016

Pokemon Go As A DUI Excuse?

Many people who do choose to drive under the influence are now attempting to use the very popular game Pokemon Go as an excuse to cover up their impaired driving. A young woman in Portland, Oregon was recently observed driving erratically on the road and several civilians called local police to report their observations. When she was stopped, she claimed that her playing of Pokemon Go was causing her to drive erratically. The officers did not believe her as she had a strong odor of alcohol on her breath, and she was driving on a suspended license. She was arrested on both charges. In Pennsylvania, recently, a man hit a telephone pole and told officers he was playing Pokemon Go and was distracted, causing him to hit the pole. Again, the officers did not buy his story (alcohol on the breath, again!) and he was arrested and charged with DUI. Remember, never operate a vehicle if you are under the influence of any substance.