28Jan 2019

New Jersey Considers A Deal To Encourage Good Behavior

New Jersey is considering a change to how it deals with DUI offenders. 
To encourage drivers to abstain from alcohol while driving and to help 
them abstain from alcohol period, the state is considering reducing the 
amount of time licenses are suspended in exchange for mandatory ignition 

Currently only those drivers with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .15 
or higher are required to have an ignition lock installed. An ignition 
lock is a device that, once installed on a vehicle, requires the driver 
to blow into a tube and register a 0.00 BAC before the vehicle will be 
able to be started.

The proposed change in the law would allow all those convicted of DUI to 
have an ignition lock installed in exchange for a much-shortened license 
suspension times. The change is common sense. Especially since studies 
show that drivers who have ignition locks installed are 40 to 95 percent 
less likely re-offend.

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