15Jul 2016

New Florida Towing Law May Help Lower DUIs

The legislature in Florida has passed a law that, they believe, will help lower the number of people driving impaired. The idea is a relatively simple one. Many people drive under the influence because they are concerned that if they leave their vehicle in a bar's parking lot overnight, it will be towed. Tampa has a law now that forbids bars from towing vehicles from their parking lots from 9 pm until noon the next day. The law also instructs towing companies that they are not allowed to tow from bars' parking lots between the hours of 9 pm and noon unless they have specific instructions as to the make, model, color and license plate of the vehicle to be towed. If the vehicle is to be towed between 9 pm and noon from a bar's parking lot, the towing company must also have the name of the bar's employee that ordered the tow. In addition, the bars will need to let patrons know that their vehicles will not be towed between 9 pm and noon. Will this new measure make a difference? Most likely it will. If you know your car will not be towed, you will not have the stress of having your car towed and won't be tempted to take the risk of driving to save the expenses of having your car towed. Remember, never operate a vehicle if you are under the influence of any substance.