29Jul 2019

Most People Don't Think They Will Get Caught Driving High

Though society seems to be unanimous in regarding driving drunk as a 
really bad thing, the same cannot be said for driving high. In a recent study,
seventy percent of respondents stated that it would be unlikely 
for someone to be caught driving under the influence of marijuana. 
Another revelation of the study is that people are actually driving 
high. An astonishing 14.8 million people responded that they had driving 
within an hour of using some form of marijuana.

Perhaps the major factor causing the belief that people won't get caught 
driving high is that it is very difficult to ascertain whether or not 
someone is actually under the influence of marijuana. Alcohol 
intoxication is relatively easy to spot and easy to test for. You blood 
alcohol content is pretty much directly related to its effect on your 
actions. This is not the case with marijuana, and finding THC (the 
active component of marijuana) in your bloodstream proves virtually 
nothing as it can remain there for weeks after use.

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