15Jul 2016

Moped Option for Those Convicted of DUI?

One of the harshest punishments for first time DUI offenders is their mandatory loss of their right to drive. This may also be one of the biggest deterrents to committing a DUI. Loss if license for most people is a definite hardship that seriously impairs one's enjoyment of life as well as one's ability to work. South Carolina allows those convicted of DUI to still operate a vehicle - a moped. The traffic laws in South Carolina do not put mopeds in the same class as cars, trucks, SUVs and other motorized transportation. These is a law currently under consideration that would put mopeds in with all the other standard motorized vehicles. If passed, however, the governer has said that a provision would be made for a special license allowing those with DUI convictions the ability to operate a moped. Is this something that will help those who have lost their license get to work and be productive in life? Or, will it lead to more DUIs as drivers will think. "I can always get a moped." Remember, never operate a vehicle if you are under the influence of any substance.