15Jan 2015

It's the Morning After the Big Party - Be Careful!

So the big night is over and you really tied one on. You know not to drink and drive so you crash at a friend's house and decide to leave from there in the morning to go to work. Sounds like a smart idea right? Of course, it is a smart idea to not drink and drive, but what you may not be aware of is that your body only processes one drink per hour. If you had 7-10 or more drinks, it is very likely that when you make that commute at eight in the morning, you are still legally intoxicated! Good intentions, such as not driving home the night of the party, are not offset by driving intoxicated the morning after. You need to make sure your blood alcohol content is below the .08 limit for driving impaired. You could purchase a personal breathalyzer, or just wait the time. One hour per drink consumed since you stopped drinking. Be safe. Be smart.