23Mar 2020

In New Jersey, Courts Are Discussing Reasonable Suspicion

There are people who believe that if you do not get our of your vehicle 
when stopped on suspicion of DUI, and you refuse to perform sobriety 
tests, that you will improve your chances of being charged with a DUI. A 
recent case in New Jersey, for now, refutes this belief.

An officer witnessed a driver turning into the wrong lane of traffic. He 
stopped the driver and detected a strong smell of alcohol on her breath. 
She refused to get out of her car and submit to sobriety tests. After 
all, was said and done, she was charged with DUI, brought back to the 
station and had a BAC of .91. Well over the legal limit. She was found 
guilty of DUI and obstruction justice.

The driver appealed her convictions on the basis that there was not 
reasonable suspicion to arrest her for DUI as she did not "fail" any 
field sobriety tests. The court determined that the strong smell of 
alcohol alone was sufficient ground to have a reasonable suspicion of 
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