24Aug 2015

If I am Stopped and Suspected of DUI, can I be Threatened with Drug Dogs to Gain Access to my Vehicle?

Being stopped for a traffic violation is a very common occurrence. With Vermont being close to the border and the War on Drugs being in as full of a swing as ever, police are always interested in searching your vehicle if they even have a slight hunch you may have drugs aboard. One tactic that is used by police is to threaten to use Drug Dogs on your vehicle if you do not consent to a search. The Supreme Court recently ruled that this is not OK. You can only search a vehicle if there is a very clear reason to, you cannot threaten to find a reason to. Remember your rights if you have been stopped. It part of your stop has involved being charged with a DUI or any other crime, or if you have been arrested or charged with DUI and you live in Essex, Burlington, South Burlington, Winooski, Colchester, Williston or anywhere in the State of Vermont, call the Law Office of C Jordan Handy to discuss your case.