13Feb 2015

I Have A CDL. What Does A DUI Mean For Me?

If you carry a CDL then a DUI conviction is potentially much more damaging for you than for a regular driver's license holder. This is because you rely on your CDL for you to practice your profession. The loss of your CDL virtually means the loss of your ability to earn an income. In Vermont, the BAC level allowed for those who carry a CDL is HALF that of a standard license carrier. In other words, you will be charged with DUI if your BAC is .04% and you carry a CDL license. Also the penalties are much more stern. A first offense will cause your CDL to be disqualified for a full year. A second offense may lose your license for a lifetime and a third offense is guaranteed to. If you carry a CDL and have been arrested or charged with DUI it is imperative you get the best defense possible to represent you - your career is on the line.