15Jun 2015

I Can Be "Breathalyzed" While My Car Is In Motion?

Technology develops at a very rapid pace and law enforcement is as interested in it as Silicon Valley. A new laser has been developed that can measure the amount of alcohol in the air of a moving vehicle. Scientists at the Institute of Optoelectronics at the Military University of Technology developed the laser and have had remarkable results from its initial tests. The laser was able to detect the equivalent of 0.1 percent blood alcohol content in the exhalation of passengers in a moving vehicle. What's more is that even if the windows were open or solar screens were put on closed windows, the laser was just as effective in testing the alcohol content of the air inside the cabin! Of course, it would have to be determined who in the vehicle was intoxicated but it could be cause to stop a vehicle. This technology is still years away from being on the streets but everyone should always be aware that it is not OK to drink and drive and you will be caught if you do so. If you have been arrested or charged with DUI and you live in Essex, Burlington, South Burlington, Winooski, Colchester, Williston or anywhere in the State of Vermont, call the Law Office of C Jordan Handy to discuss your case.