15Jun 2015

How Bad Is It To Have Multiple DUI Convictions?

Most people are not aware of the consequences to having multiple DUI convictions. The most difficult one is that in most every state, after a certain number of DUI convictions, you become a convicted felon. If you are a convicted felon, in most states: - You can never possess firearms again. - You lose your right to vote while you are incarcerated. - You lose your right to drive for many years. - You cannot sell liquor. - You cannot be a realtor. - You cannot work as a lawyer or a law enforcement officer. - You cannot be an accountant. - You cannot be an architect. In other words, many certification and licensing boards and bureaus will not let you practice your chosen profession if you have become a convicted felon. That is why you need a strong defense from an experienced attorney if you have been accused or charged with any crime, especially DUI.