17Sep 2014

Everth Carbrera of the San Diego Padres Arrested for Marijuana DUI. What Can We Learn?

When a major sports figure gets arrested, headlines are made. Everth Carbrera, the famed California short stop, was arrested for marijuana DUI recently in California. What is interesting about this case is that the prosecution does not have to prove that marijuana was in the blood stream. They just have to prove that someone was generally under the influence at the time of their offense. The other interesting fact about this case is that Carbrera claimed he was on a medical substance but that he "did not know what it was." Get smart folks! Ignorance is no plea! And, certainly, it is always in your best interest to have an attorney present when speaking to the police and if one is not available wait until one can be present. Taking any medical substance that can interfere with driving, and then driving is a crime. Whether the drug is legal or not. If you have been questioned or arrested about any form of DUI, you need an experienced attorney to combat these serious charges.