23Oct 2020

Does Mental Illness Increase The Risk Of Domestic Violence?

There have been so many reports in the news about people with mental 
illness committing atrocities such as mass shootings and other gun 
violence. This has given a stigma to those who suffer from mental 
illness and has left many in the public wondering if the presence of 
mental illness in a partner or housemate could lead to serious, or even 
deadly, domestic violence.

The answer is that it can lead to an elevated risk of domestic violence, 
but the occurrence is very rare and generally related to a few specific 
conditions. In fact, most people who suffer from mental illness are more 
likely to be victims of domestic violence than perpetrators of it. The 
two conditions that seem to be an exception to this are Schizophrenia 
and Bipolar Disorder. Those two mental illnesses can bring about sudden 
violent urges that can be difficult, if not impossible for some to control.

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