30Sep 2019

Daughter Calls 911 On Drunk Mom

For most of us, it is inconceivable. Your own child calls the cops on you.
But, for a woman in Arizona recently, that's exactly what happened. 

Stephanie Davis's daughter was terrified that her mother was driving 
drunk and, though she is only 10 years old, called the police on her 
phone and recorded her mom driving drunk.

Ms. Davis was so intoxicated that she fell out of the cruiser when she 
arrived at the station. She will be appearing next week in court to face 
not only drunk driving charges, but also numerous other charges 
involving the endangerment of children, as her other two children were 
also in the car. Ultimately, Ms. Davis has praised her daughter saying 
she did the right thing.

Remember to never drive under the influence of any substance, especially 
since it puts others at risk, including children.  If you live in 
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