08Oct 2014

DUI Can Be More Complicated Than Just DUI - And More Trouble For You!

Two recent cases in CA have brought some important issues. Sometimes DUI can be the least of your legal worries. There was one case involving reckless driving - at the speed of 117 mph, and another involving an individual's FOURTEENTH DUI offense. Needless to say, even a first-time DUI offender can face serious jail time and extended loss of license if there were additional crimes committed. Driving drunk and at very high speeds not only can injure yourself, but put others at risk as well. This can lead to such crimes as vehicular homicide, or worse, depending on the local District Attorney. Multiple DUI's can lead to loss of license for life. Committing additional moving violations while drunk driving, or destroying property and physically harming other, can result in additional penalties and even serious jail or prison time.