20Sep 2018

Canada to Become Stricter Towards Those with DUIs

In October, the Cannabis Act will take effect in Canada, making recreational
marijuana legal. Some of the items added to that bill were 
stricter rules on allowing those with DUI convictions into the country. 
Unlike in the United States, the first offense for DUI is considered a 
felony in Canada.

It used to be the case that if you waited 10 years after your sentence 
ended, you could gain reentry into Canada as long as you had not 
committed any felonies since the end of your sentence. With the new law, 
there is no waiting period for automatic reentry.

You will have to apply to a consulate to have your readmission 
considered. This will be done for each individual on a case by case 
basis. It is up to the individual to prove that they have been 

If you are planning to go to Canada and have a DUI conviction, give us a 
call. We can help guide you through immigration policies and inform you 
as to what you may expect. If you live in Burlington, Essex, Colchester, 
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