15Jul 2014

Another Reason Not To Blow It!

A recent case in Georgia (State vs. J.M.) shows us all another reason why you should never agree to take a breathalyzer test. A man was stopped for speeding while driving on the highway with his wife. He didn't want to submit to a breathalyzer on the grounds that he did not know how recently the breathalyzer had been cleaned. You don't need a reason to refuse a breathalyzer, but any legitimate concern you have is valid and can be used in your defense. Always be observant and remember what you say. What you say to an officer, under ANY circumstances, should always be kept to a minimum. Of course, never say anything that could admit any level of guilt. This valid sanitation concern of Mr. J. M., combined with the added testimony of his wife, who was a wonderful witness, helped cause the jury to return a "not guilty" verdict within ten minutes! What happened in this case is no indication of what may happen in your case.