23Oct 2020

Another Ponzi Scheme - In Religious Garb

People in North Texas listened to the "wisdom" of "investment guru" 
William "Doc" Gallagher, the "Money Doctor" of North Texas on the radio 
for years. Doc was a diehard, true, evangelical Christian who claimed to 
handle investments for the likes of former Texas governor Rick Perry, 
former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee and former Texas Ranger Nolan Ryan.

Listeners "invested" more than 30 million dollars with Doc! When people 
eventually wanted to either cash in on their profits or get their money 
out, they were being told they had to wait. The authorities proceeded to 
move in. When they raided Doc's offices, they found that he didn't even 
have an accounting system to keep track of the money that had been 
"invested." Everything had gone in and out of his office's bank account, 
paying back previous investors when they asked for their money, until 
the money ran out. Nobody really knows, except Doc, where all that money 
went. Doc will have plenty of time to think about how it was spent, as 
he was convicted of multiple financial crimes and sentenced to 25 years 
in prison.

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