28Jan 2019

American Addiction Centers Study: DUI Among Veterans Up 60% Since 2014

A recent study by the American Addiction Centers found that, since 2014, 
DUIs among veterans has risen an astonishing sixty percent. There were two main reasons found to be the cause of this increase. The first is PTSD, or post traumatic stress disorder. This disorder can be disabling 
as the effects of a traumatic event do not affect an individual until 
well after the event. Sort of like being in shock initially, and having 
the state of shock wear off and the reality of the experienced event 
sink in.

The other cause of the increased DUIs among veterans is, quite simply, 
depression. Veterans often experience such scenes and conditions during 
their time in the field, that they develop a sense of hopelessness about 
life. It is truly an existential condition. We all need to support our 
troops, not only in the field, but especially when they return from 
service and are back in society.

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