15Jan 2015

A Coming Prosecutor's Tactic: BodyCams

With all the new technology and all the allegations of police misconduct, bodycams are now being floated as a requirement for officers to wear. Naturally, being a DUI attorney it piqued my curiosity as to what it means for the defense of my clients. Up til now, officers have written their police reports usually hours after they have arrested an individual and charged them with DUI. Invariably the officer will mention "blood shot eyes," and how the individual failed their field sobriety tests. What would it mean if we could actually see the individual's eyes? After all, cams have been installed in police cruises for some time now, yet they do not show close-up images of the individual being questioned. A body cam would actually give a very clear shot of a suspect's eyes, and could indeed be devastating to a defendant's case. Of course, our advice is to never drive if you are intoxicated by any substance.